The Reduction of Barack and Michelle Obama

Wiley’s portrait of Obama works well for the three seconds that we get to experience the painting while scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. But it does not work well in conveying what we most admired about Obama, and the humanity that we saw him embody during his time in office. The painting of Barack Obama is merely a plastic figurine, defined by its labels.

Nothing but male dominance again – Anselm Kiefer’s drawings of the female nudes

In 2013, Musée Rodin republished Les Cathédrales de France, a book written and illustrated by Rodin and originally published in 1914, with the intention to collaborate with a contemporary artist on a project in celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Rodin’s death. Kiefer, with the same fascination about cathedrals, ruins, and the female body as… Continue reading Nothing but male dominance again – Anselm Kiefer’s drawings of the female nudes

Tackling a difficult problem with very little space.

12 artists cram themselves into a small apartment to tackle the theme of intimacy. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Schneemann, Wilkes, and Owens

I spent some time with three artists (Carolee Schneemann, Cathy Wilkes, and Laura Owens) whom I have not taken the time to consider seriously before. Their recent exhibitions in New York at the PS1 and the Whitney gave me a good reason to think deeply about their practice. Here are some of my initial reactions.… Continue reading Schneemann, Wilkes, and Owens